What’s the link between ADD / ADHD Symptoms and Diet?

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best adhd dietHave you ever filled up your car with cheap gas only to find your engine pinging and knocking the next time you accelerated? That’s how I view the link between ADD / ADHD  symptoms and diet.

As I tell my ADD Coaching clients, your ADD / ADHD brain is like a high-performance car. To run at it’s best it needs high-quality fuel with regular refueling stops. Your ability to control your ADD / ADHD symptoms will greatly increase when you feed your brain good fuel when it needs it.

The type of food you eat is vital to your brain’s performance. Click here for my detailed recommendations on the ADD-Friendly Diet.

Here’s a summary of what to eat and what to avoid if you have Attention Deficit.

  • DO eat high protein, low fat foods
  • DO eat complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and pastas and brown rice
  • AVOID simple carbohydrates such as white rice and breads and pastas made from highly processed white flour
  • AVOID foods ladened with artificial ingredients and dyes

Do you want to manage your Attention Deficit symptoms so you can get organized and stay focused and motivated? Then it’s up to you to give your brain the fuel it needs to operate at peak performance. There’s a direct link between your ADHD symptoms and your diet. Eating an ADD-friendly diet is essential to living more easily with ADD / ADHD.

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Dana Rayburn
Dana Rayburn is a leading ADHD coach who's passionate about helping adults live more successful and effortless lives. Dana leads private and group ADHD coaching programs. She also writes frequently about outsmarting ADHD; particularly boosting productivity through ADHD-friendly organizing and time management. Packed with healthy doses of wisdom for living with adult ADHD, there's a reason Dana's ADHD Success Blog is considered the go-to resource by thousands of subscribers.
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