Why I Love Working with People with ADHD

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ADHD Success Club

Know what I love about working with people with ADHD?

There’s so much. 

Their creativity, engagement, curiosity, bravery, persistence, desire to succeed, boundless energy keeps me coming back year after year.

And YOU are one of those people described above. 

You are one of those people who has me coming back every year with the ADHD Success Club because I want you to truly feel those adjectives above and so many more. Like on time, organized, well-rested, focused – basically whatever SUCCESSFUL means to you.

What Is the ADHD Success Club and How Can it Help You Feel Successful?

Think of the Success Club like a weekly live interactive podcast that offers skills training + ADHD coaching + community support on a different topic related to ADHD each week. 

Topics such as time management, organization and decluttering, symptom management, goals and routines, sleep, procrastination and more.


  • Waaaaay less expensive option than private coaching to receive skills training + ADHD coaching + accountability to help you manage your ADHD symptoms
  • Safe, compassionate, community support with people who get you and have been there and are committed to succeeding
  • Deeper dive into how ADHD impacts your life using a wider lens that works
  • Concrete action steps to help you truly transform your life
  • Skills training led by me – someone who completely walks her talk, knows what it’s like to live with ADHD and has tested out each and every tip
  • Support every step of the way and some special free gifts 
  • Training + coaching call held twice a week allowing you to choose which day/time best works for you PLUS monthly accountability calls so you walk the talk as well


  • You need to show up – either live or listen to the recording – each week and do some homework (whining not allowed)
  • It’s 11 months long. Because ADHD encompasses every aspect of your life and there’s no quick tip that’s going to ‘fix’ everything
  • Other people – yup, this is a group program so you will be encouraged by people supporting you to take the steps forward to succeed. 

If you think you want to succeed but really don’t want to put in the effort, this is not the group for you.

When Is the ADHD Success Club?

We heard from recent members that the day/time didn’t always allow them to join in live, so this year, we are scheduling two calls per week. This will be the same topic and you have the option of joining either day/time each week depending on your schedule. 

You can join in on Tuesdays at 3pm-4:30pm Pacific OR Thursdays at 10:30am-12pm Pacific.

Same content, same live Dana energy – 2 different days/times each week. Come to one, come to a different one each week, or come to both! Whatever works for your schedule.

(And if neither time consistently works for you, we do record the calls and you can download them to listen at your convenience.)

Check out the ADHD Success Club here.

And because you’re a valued member of my community, use the code SUCCESS to receive $10 off each month.

We start the week of September 14th and I hope to see you there! Sign up by the first class and you can join us on the Kick Start call so you can learn how you can get the most out of the trainings!

Questions about the ADHD Success Club? Email me and let me know.


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