Worried Adult ADHD Will Make You Lose Your iPhone?

by | Feb 11, 2012 | Organizing ADHD | 0 comments

Losing things

If you’re not yet a pro at being organized with adult attention deficit you lose things. A lot. Losing and misplacing things is one of the hallmarks of our scattered, unfocused lives.

My ADHD coaching clients have taught me something interesting though. Most of them rarely lose their iPhone or smartphone.

Because that iPhone is such an important lifeline to being organized and connected to the Internet and world, they pay attention to where they put it.

Personally, just as an extra precaution, when I recently bought my iPhone I decided to spend a few more dollars each month for iPhone insurance. That way if I lose it, I can easily get it replaced.

I’ll more likely need the insurance if I drop the iPhone and break it. It’s already taken a couple of spectacular falls. Someday, the little protective cover it wears won’t be enough to avoid fatal damage.

It is nice to know however, with all the things we lose living our ADD / ADHD lives, we don’t need to worry too much about losing our iPhone. It’s shiny enough to catch out attention and help us stay organized with ADD / ADHD.


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