4 Key Tools for Adults with ADHD – ADHD Structure #8

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Clock and calendarI know how it is. Tasks are flying at you from every direction. You’re disorganized, late and behind on all your projects.

Would it help if I told you that you’re smack in the middle of the Golden Age of living with ADHD?  A time thick with tools for adults with ADHD?

Do you wonder what I’m smoking? If this is such a Golden Age why are you struggling?

I never said it was easy. I just said this is the Golden Age.

Here’s why.

Because you have ADHD management tools. Lots of amazing tools to help you stay focused, on track and organized.

I was a coach way before we all had smart phones. Believe me, living with ADHD was much harder then.

In fact clients were less successful with ADHD coaching because it took a lot more work.

We had to use paper for everything: reminders, calendars, notes, massive filing systems. Options for alarms and timers were few.

Now you can delegate many of those ADHD management tasks to your smart phone apps.

Four Essential ADHD Management Tools

A Calendar – The yummy thing about using the calendar on your phone or computer is you have alarms to remind you of your appointments. Oh, how we need those alarms!

Reminders – The ultimate in ADHD scaffolding – apps to remind you to do your routine tasks. Your phone remembers so you don’t have to.

My favorite app for the iPhone is the Due App. You can read about my love affair with my Due App here. Client with Android phones tend to like LifeReminder.

Timer – The ultimate, versatile ADHD management tool. Use the timer on your phone to see how many tiny tasks you can finish in 15 minutes. Remind yourself to take a break, limit your web surfing time, or to change out the laundry.

Lists – A good list app will save your bacon over and over again. The different types of lists you can use are endless. And when you write these things down your busy brain doesn’t need to remember all the details.

There are so many options and so many ways to make life easier when you use these tools for adults with ADHD.

We’ll talk about them more in future blog posts. For now, what’s your favorite ADHD management tool? How can you use it to make living with ADHD easier?


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