5 Steps to Do the Hard Things with ADHD

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Do Hard Things with ADHD

Today, I’m bejeweled. I have different earrings on, a necklace glittering in the sun, and a bracelet that was once my grandmother’s.

And it feels amazing.

Not because I shimmer and shine, but because I did a hard thing.

Remember…wearing your jewelry is a hard thing when you have ADHD. (Click here to read more.) And when we are faced with something that is hard or boring, we don’t do it. We push the easy button. 

But when you have gorgeous pieces of jewelry you love gathering dust… or want to eat better, exercise more, finish a project…you need to overcome your ADHD tendency to avoid and just do the thing.

5 steps to make the hard, boring thing easier to do:

  1. Remember that you can do difficult things. Stop dodging or avoiding. Unless the activity takes a level of skill that is waaaaay outside your current ability, you are perfectly capable of doing it. And if it’s waaaaay outside your current ability, like fixing the roof, then you can find someone who can do it. You can do that thing to get it done.
  2. Determine the blocks that are preventing you from getting the thing done and remove them. For me, my jewelry was not completely accessible. Some pieces were in the safety deposit box, others in my wildfire-go-bag. The block was that if I had to dig to find my jewelry or couldn’t see it, I wouldn’t wear it.
  3. Stop making the thing bigger than it really is. Often we spend more time focusing on the idea that something is hard to do than it takes to do the thing. Overthinking gets us overwhelmed so we procrastinate. We need to call ourselves out. Stop overthinking and get into action. 
  4. Identify your next easy action. What can you do easily or what can you do next? This doesn’t mean that you are choosing the easy way out. You’re only deciding the first easy step to reach your goal. For me, getting my grandma’s bracelet out of the go bag was an easy action. (Definitely easier than going to the bank and accessing the safety deposit bank.)
  5. Get into action. Take that next easy action. That next step. And move!

You CAN do hard and boring things. How do I know? Because, I’ve learned how. And, If I can do it, then you can do it, too. We all can. Doing the hard stuff is an important ADHD life skill that I encourage you to build.

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