Why Some Things Are Hard to Do with ADHD

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I have a jewelry box. It’s full of beautiful pieces – necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Some given to me by my Dear Husband over the course of our marriage. A few I’ve purchased myself. Others handed down from family members who are now long gone.

And they collect dust. I rarely wear them.


Because I have ADHD.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what ADHD has to do with jewelry. Well, here goes…

It’s simple. I don’t wear the majority of my jewelry because it’s hard. And when you have ADHD, hard means you don’t do it. Instead, you ‘push the easy’ button.

Here’s what’s hard to do with ADHD: 

  1. Change things up.
  2. Make decisions.
  3. Remember what is there or to do things.
  4. Plan ahead.
  5. Accomplish a task that requires multiple steps.

Now apply that to jewelry…it’s hard to:

  1. Switch out your earrings every day. 
  2. Decide on what to wear.
  3. Remember that you have the perfect necklace to match that shirt.
  4. Plan ahead to pull out the bracelet that your grandmother gave you before you go visit her.
  5. Find a jeweler who can fix the clasp on your watch, make an appointment and remember to go.

Now you can insert anything into the ‘jewelry’ spot regarding things you aren’t doing because they are hard with your ADHD.

Eating well – it’s hard to change up what you eat, decide what you want for dinner (every. darn. night.), remember the grocery list at the store, plan ahead for your week, find a nearby store.

Exercise – it’s hard to change up your routine (or even set one), decide what activity you want to do, remember your gym bag or sneakers, plan ahead for your week, find a gym or fitness class.

Finish a home improvement project – it’s hard to change up your mindset, decide on what color you want to paint, remember to go to the store, plan ahead on your weekend, find the tool to complete it.

Instead, we push the easy button.

We eat whatever we can easily find or make and often that’s overprocessed, fast food. We just don’t exercise. And the project doesn’t get done.

It’s time to stop pushing the easy button. Next week, we are going to talk about the 5 steps you can take that will make the hard, boring things easier to do with ADHD.


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