ADHD Awareness…Really?!?

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ADHD Awareness monthIt’s ADHD Awareness Month. Don’t you find it silly to name something ADHD Awareness?

I sure do.

Adults with attention deficit are anything but aware.

We flit through life blindly. Chasing whatever shiny thing crosses our path in an unaware, desperate attempt to stimulate our unstimulated brains.

We’re unaware of the stream of clutter and unfinished projects we leave behind us wherever we go.

We’re unaware of what embarrassing words we’ll blurt out until it’s too late.

We don’t notice that our socks don’t match when we get dressed in the morning. Or, that we left the crucial report at home that we’d stayed up all night to finish.

We’re unaware that there is no food in the house until it’s time to cook dinner. Or, that our kids don’t have clean clothes for the first day of school.

What breaks my heart?

The only things ADHD adults are aware of consistently are our failures and weaknesses.

We get so caught up noticing our struggles that we don’t believe that our gifts and strengths matter.

What would I do if I could wave a magic wand? I’d create more ADHD awareness of how bright we are.

Of course that’s hard to do.

Most of us endured 12 years (or more) of ridicule and reprimands because we couldn’t sit still in class. We couldn’t remember what we’d read yesterday…if we remembered to actually read what we were supposed to read yesterday.

We’re unaware the world needs people like us. People brimming with ideas, who can light up a room or a party. People with energy, creativity and our unique and genuine approach to life.

We’re unaware we don’t have to struggle so hard. That when we take care of our brains and structure our world to support us, ADHD loses much of its power over our lives.

That when we get the right ADHD treatment we can release our contributions to the world.

So please, become aware of your ADHD. Get the help and treatment you need. The world needs people like you.

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