ADHD Driving Tips – Are You a Hazard?

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The other day I read an article about a Canadian study about ADHD and driving. adhd drivingApparently researchers noticed driving with ADHD increases the incidence of traffic collisions, speeding tickets, and drunk driving. That’s why I want to share my favorite ADHD driving tips.

The article got me thinking about driving under the influence of ADHD, particularly how typical ADHD behaviors can contribute to driving problems.

So here are my observations about ADHD driving challenges and tips to help.

As you read, please think about which of these you do and what you plan to do about it.

ADHD Driving Tips

  • Impulsivity. Do you pull out into traffic when it isn’t safe or turn in front of on-coming cars?
  • Being late. Do you speed, tailgate, get angry with slow drivers or ‘push the yellow’ at stoplights in order to get somewhere on time?
  • Easily distracted. Do you pay attention to the radio, your conversation or the kids chattering in the back seat instead of your driving and the cars around you?
  • Difficulty paying attention. Do you daydream while being oblivious to the traffic, the road and your driving?
  • Impatience with details. Do you roll through stop signs and wander out of your lane?

During my years of driving I confess to being at fault in two rather serious accidents and risking more speeding tickets than I care to discuss.

My biggest ADHD driving challenges are being inattentive, late, and distracted.

I’ve learned through experience that driving a car with a manual transmission captures my attention. I think it’s the constant awareness of shifting gears and staying tuned in to the sound of the engine.

I’ve worked very hard to learn how to be on time and over the years it has become more natural. The result is much less pressure to speed to my destination to compensate for my tardiness.

I hope these ADHD driving tips are helpful? Accepting you may not be the safest driver on the road isn’t easy, but it could save your life or someone else’s.


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