ADHD Summer Survival Tip #1: Realistic Planning

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ADHD Summer SurvivalThe lazy days of summer are here. Thoughts of ADHD summer survival may have crossed your mind. The kids are getting out of school, schedules are relaxed, the sun is calling, and you’re having fun. But the same things we love about summer can derail us, so I’m sharing my top ADHD Summer Survival tips over the next few weeks.

Summer is supposed to be a stress-free, fun time of year. But all that relaxing can confound an ADHD brain and drain any and all ADHD summer survival skills. It can cause us to let our guard down and ignore the important systems and structures that keep us on track the rest of the year. We start to ignore our ADHD time management tools and things get away from us.

But unless you want to spend September being disgusted with yourself, lamenting your disorganization and digging out of the backlog that accumulated while you were reading a book in the hammock, you have to approach ADHD summer survival carefully with a realistic plan in mind.

Why is a realistic plan essential for ADHD Summer Survival?

Why do I say a ‘realistic plan’? Well, between vacations, a more relaxed work schedule, lovely summer activities, and the kids being out of school, you have to carefully consider what projects you’ll truly be able to get done.

Yes, you may get the deck refinished or learn to waterski, but will you really want to be indoors finishing that website? Will you be productive and creative when your ADHD brain is dreaming about getting outdoors or going on your next vacation?

Will you be able to manage a heavy workload with the shifting schedules and changing needs that dominate the summer season?

Probably not. So it’s important to do a reality check on your plans before you make them.

How to Set Up a Realistic Summer Plan

Lay out the tasks and chores that are necessary for basic ADHD summer survival. Then choose projects that excite you or that fit into your summer plans.

Let go of all “should” and “could” thoughts. Instead, choose things that fit into thoughts of “I want to” and “this excites me”.

Be choosy. Be selective. Make sure your ADHD summer survival includes selecting your ADHD priorities carefully.

A little careful planning and prioritizing now can not only help your ADHD summer survival, but help you create a fantastic summer.



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