ADHD Summer Survival Tip #2: Prioritizing Essential Tasks

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prioritizing essential tasks Do you find yourself facing more ADHD problems during the summer, wishing you knew how to survive summer with ADHD? Even ADHD adults who successfully manage their business and home life the rest of the year can struggle during the summer months.

You can still enjoy a more relaxed summer schedule without letting your important things slide to the wayside by prioritizing essential tasks.

During the summer, it’s easy to forget those ADHD time management techniques you’ve learned. And it’s even easier to allow a bit too much ADHD procrastination. Let’s face it, the beach, the pool, and the bbq are calling you and it’s more fun to hang out with family and friends than it is to deal with paperwork and projects.

I’ve run into this many times. I do great throughout the year. I use an effective mix of reminders and systems to keep me focused and moving forward.

Prioritizing Essential Tasks is a Key to ADHD Summer Survival

But all of the reminders and systems that are in place in June can easily fade away by September. Projects get neglected. Bills are paid late. The clutter begins to build both at work and home.

Unless you want your world to collapse around your ears in ADHD chaos, you’ve got to be extra, extra vigilant to make sure you’re prioritizing essential tasks you want to make sure gets done during the summer months.

I’ve found the key ADHD summer survival strategy to sustaining my business, meeting my goals and enjoying my summer is to clearly define my priorities, my essential tasks, then create a clear schedule and set up strong reminder systems to ensure they get done.

How to Start Prioritizing Your Essential Tasks

The first step is to make a list of those tasks. What are your essential tasks? Working with your clients, paying the bills, refilling your prescriptions, doing the dishes each day? Figure out what must get done to keep your world from collapsing.

Once you have a list, create a schedule and a plan to make it happen. Lay out what will happen when so you are clear on what needs to be done each day.

Once you have a schedule, set up reminders to nudge you into action. Calendars, timers and apps are all great ways to nudge yourself into action.

The key here is to be strategic. Select only the very important tasks, the things that keep life and business moving. By prioritizing essential tasks, you’ll get to enjoy summer and keep your life together at the same time.


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