ADHD’s Productivity Kryptonite

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ADHD’s Productivity Kryptonite

My bathrobe is the most comfy piece of clothing I own. It’s soft and warm. A lovely shade of deep blue. No elastic or tags. My emotional support bundle of comfort. 

Honestly, my bathrobe is my ADHD productivity kryptonite. 

I can happily lounge in my robe all day. And, given the chance, I will. Even as my task list blossoms and chores pile up. Or friends call and family urges me to get dressed. 

Yet, because my bathrobe is so cozy, I fool myself into thinking it is my friend. It hangs right on a hook so it’s easy to grab and put on. I slip my arms into it and, ahhhhhh. Bliss.

But today I realized something.

The minute I put on my bathrobe, any hope of focus and accomplishment vanishes. I begin my ADHD float. 

You know the ADHD float, don’t you? Where you float from one thing to the next – finishing nothing. Leaving a trail of mayhem behind you.

I don’t like thinking of my bathrobe as a ticket to lazy. Like it’s a bad thing. Because there are times in my life when I get to enjoy a bit of ADHD float. Like after work. Or on a weekend morning when I’ve consciously decided to take a day off from life. My bathrobe was ideally made for those days.

But on a day when I need to get stuff done? On those days, I must view my bathrobe as my ADHD Productivity Kryptonite. The one item that can defeat my strength and determination to get things done.

I must resist its power. It’s warmth and comfort. It’s ahhhhh. Bliss.

So my bathrobe’s new home is in my closet behind a closed door and on a hanger so it’s harder to put on. I don’t see it when I walk into the room. It’s out of sight. Out of mind. I have established strong boundaries around my relationship with my robe. No weekday mornings at all. No weekend mornings when I intend to get stuff done.

You may not have a bathrobe problem like I do. Perhaps your ADHD Productivity Kryptonite is a pair of sweatpants. Or your sofa or cozy chair. The remote control. It’s the thing that will call your name and ask you to join them so you can have a moment of relaxation. But take that moment at the wrong time of day and you’re behind the curve before you even start.

Your ADHD Productivity Kryptonite bathrobe equivalent is not your friend. It may pretend to be, but it isn’t.

What’s your ADHD Productivity Kryptonite? Let me know below. 

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