Three Apps No ADHD Adult Should Live Without

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A Guest Post by Dayna Hickman

In this crazy world we live in, one mega awesome perk to being an ADHD adult is the technology found at our fingertips. You never go without that smart phone, so why not make it work to your advantage? Here are three apps no ADHD adult should live without!

1. Lift

Lift is a newer app created to help you positively and easily build habits. Lift’s creator mixed together social networking and a daily chart to help you keep track of when and how often you’re doing an action. Further, the ability to give or receive “props” (the equivalent of a “like” on Facebook) positively reinforces a behavior well done.

Think of it as a sticker chart for adults. It keeps track of how many days in a row you’ve been doing an action. It does more than that, though. It also keeps track of how many times total you’ve done an action and fills in a green bubble on the days you did the habit. This useful “sticker” shows your patterns, an invaluable tool to creating a new habit.

Oh, and the habit building options range from a super-easy “Floss Teeth”, to “Clear Clutter”, to the much more difficult “Wake Up on Time” or even things like “Learn the Art of Pacing (Running)”.  Most of the more difficult habits are even coached, meaning you have a daily tip or pat on the back for making it to a certain point. And there are constantly new habits being added to the master list that you may choose from.

One caveat: When you first download this app, take it slow and easy. You don’t need to try a zillion new habits all at once! Pick the easiest one to get hooked, then build from there (my first was “Walk the Dog”). Start with one or two new habits and add new options slowly. Even after I’ve had the app for quite some time, I only have eight habits. Of them, I’ve almost mastered five—thanks to the app!

2. Listastic

Let’s face it. Lists are an ADHD adult’s best friend. Going without them often means disaster. Listastic is definitly one of the apps no ADHD Adult should live without. It’s the simplest app with the least amount of steps to keep those handy checklists in order. It merely takes a second to tap the plus mark at the top to either add a list, or add an item to a list. Swipe your finger to the right and check it. Swipe it all the way to the right and it obliterates the whole item.

What makes this list app especially ADHD-friendly, though, is the way it organizes your list. When you check off an item, it appears in the “completed” tab at the top of the list. If you need to do something tomorrow, you can simply touch the item, and then “Do Later”. This screen gives you options like “Tomorrow” or “Next Week” and hides the items under the “Later” tab until you need it.

This app is so simple to use that it made its way to the control panel at the bottom of my iPhone. Yup. That means Listastic is one of my top four apps!


3. Due App

This is an awesome app. I believe we’ve already discussed it HERE, but as a quick review, this is why Due makes my list of apps no ADHD Adult should live without:

Due is a reminder app, but not just any reminder app. It labels everything and puts it on a schedule for you.

For instance, let’s pretend that the best time declutter your zone pops up at 7:00 am (if you don’t know about zones, pick up your copy of Organized for Life HERE). Set due for 7:00 am with a simple “Declutter!” and it will keep your schedule on track for you.

Due frees your brain to not worry about times or days, and simply does it for you. You can set it on a schedule, also. So if you need to take your vitamins every day at 6:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:00 pm, you can set it to remind you at those times. And KA-CHOW! No more thinking, “What was that thing I’m supposed to do…

While these are my favorite three iPhone apps useful to ADHD adults, I’m certain they aren’t the only ones. Do you have suggestions for other apps no ADHD adult should live without? Share in the comments so we can try them out as well! 

Dayna Hickman is a writer and a middle school English teacher in East Texas. Visit Dayna at:

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  1. ClearView Coach

    It could be argued that the smartphone was the worst thing that could ever happen to someone with ADHD!


    Mark Julian


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