Does Your ADHD Brain Need an Off-Switch?

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Do you ever wish your overactive ADHD brain had an off-switch? That you could instantly stop the flood of ideas oozing from your brain?

I do.

Here it is 4:45 AM and I’ve already mentally written three ADD Success articles, planned an Internet marketing strategy for my business, figured out how to help a friend organize her dad’s stuff when he moves into a retirement home, and planned a new career for my husband.

Yes, it’s one of those mornings. My eyes popped open way too early and ideas started flooding out like water gushing from a broken pipe.

Today my mind is an idea factory on full steam.

I don’t mind having all of these ideas. I just don’t like it when the ideas flow so fast and strong that it actually hurts.

Even if I can’t turn off my brain, I at least wish I could slow it down. ADD gets really frustrating when the ideas come so fast you can’t even capture them.

I’m also worried about the rest of my day. Now it’s 5 AM. With a full day of ADHD coaching and writing ahead of me, my overactive ADHD brain has already done about three days worth of thinking.

Is there a bright side? Of course! I always find one.

Days like this keep me in touch with the out of control ADHD symptoms some of my ADHD coaching clients deal with. One of my strengths as a coach is my deep understanding and experience of ADHD symptoms.

I used to have brain floods like this all the time. Over the years as I’ve been better at managing my ADD with diet, exercise, sleep and fish oil my overactive ADHD brain episodes have decreased. Living with ADD may be many things, but it’s never boring.



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