Drawer A Day: Be Grateful for the Small Things

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Drawer a Day

Seems that with adult ADHD we’re always grabbing for the big things. Financial independence. Our dream job. An organized house.

Big things are good. But don’t get stuck on the big things. Why? Because the small things are where the gold lies. Especially when you have ADHD.

Small things rock. We can get small things done. We can wrap our head around small things. We can get started on small things and move forward on small things.

Need an example? I have plenty.

In the ADHD Success Club (amazing group program if I do say so myself) we have accountability check-ins. All of us. Yes, I ask the group to hold me accountable, too.

My accountability commitment right now is what I call: A Drawer a Day. Does that mean I completely organize a drawer each day? Nope. It means I cruise through a drawer for a few minutes each day. 

The first day I may spend about 5 minutes throwing out stuff neither I nor anyone else wants. The trash that has accumulated in the drawer. The second day I spend about 5 minutes pulling stuff from the drawer that belongs somewhere else. And put it away where it belongs. The third day I may pull out things to donate if any are in the drawer.

It’s small bits of time. I can work on a drawer for 5 minutes. Yes, it will take me a long time to get through all the drawers in my house. And that’s okay. It’s much better than never clearing the drawers because I don’t find the motivation or time to clear them out in one sitting. Or get distracted over the weekend.

You can use this Drawer a Day technique for clearing out files and shelves and such, too. Or doing the dishes, the laundry, wrapping gifts, decorating, paying bills…most tasks really.

When you keep up with these odious chores in small bits, you’ll find less resistance. Less overwhelm. Five minutes worth of dishes to rinse and put in the dishwasher allows you to keep up so you’re not left with a sink full. One load of laundry to fold and put away is easier than five.

See how this works. Small things. Small things are more likely to get done. I’ve learned to be grateful for the small things.

Give it a try and let me know below if the Drawer a Day trick works for you!

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