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In Episode 120 of the Kick Some ADHD podcast, we talked about how ADHD warps our view of time. If we could somehow “unwarp” our perceptions of time, what might be the result?

Could it be that we might:

  • get more done?
  • be more reliable?
  • accomplish our goals?
  • live our values?

The answer is YES. And better yet, you can develop a clearer perception of time that allows you to do all of these things and more!

Today, Dana walks us through a 5-step process to do exactly that. It begins with a fundamental principle we’re referring to as “the time code.”

The ADHD Time Code

“You won’t have more time or motivation later.”

5 Steps to Cultivating a Clearer Vision of Time with ADHD

Here’s a quick summary of the individual steps so you can refer back to them later:

  1. Feel Your Future, Learn From Your Past
  2. Pound on Procrastination
  3. Use Planning & Scheduling Tools (in an ADHD-friendly way!)
  4. Estimate Time
  5. Build Distraction Blockades

Click here to go into each of these steps in Episode 121 of Kick Some ADHD.


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