Ep. 56: Dissecting Decision Deviation

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Kick Some ADHD Podcast | 0 comments

decision deviation

Do you ever make a perfectly good plan and then find yourself renegotiating the plan (with yourself) for no good reason?

In Episode #56 of Kick Some ADHD, we talk about the ups & downs of deviating from your decisions. Sometimes, it’s a really smart move. Many times, it slows us down, saps us of valuable energy, adds to our decision fatigue, and wastes our time.

How can you tell whether it’s a good idea to reconsider your plans? And what can we do to make our lives easier where decision deviation is concerned? All that and more in this episode!

Oh also: we introduce a brand new concept this week that we’re calling “the front burner.” You’re probably already working with something similar in your own ADHD journey, but either way—you won’t want to miss our discussion of this useful tool!

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