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Seems there’s an epidemic of ADHD struggles going around this summer! At least that’s what I’ve been hearing from my ADHD Success Club members. I’m struggling to be on my game, too.

Our work-life balance has tipped into too much life. Stuff isn’t getting done. The lazy days of summer are taking over and everything seems harder. More chaotic. Exhaustion has set in and let’s not even talk about the clutter!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about having too much fun! I just don’t like the stress of having unfinished things hanging over my head. It reminds me too much of how I used to struggle; before my ADHD was under control. 

Personally, what I’m grateful for is that come September, my life will settle back down. My ADHD struggles will fade. The flood of company and getaways will end. I’ll get back to getting the important stuff done. 

What about you? Will your life settle back into a productive rhythm come September? Or will the chaos and frustration of your ADHD struggles continue?

If your ADHD will still be running your show, here’s an invitation that will help you start to change your life for the better in September: the ADHD Success Club starts up again!

How the ADHD Success Club Will Help You

Imagine a weekly, live, interactive podcast giving you ADHD skills training + ADHD coaching + supportive community + questions answered + ongoing support + accountability. Specially designed to help you transform the way you live with ADHD

Starting its 7th season, the ADHD Success Club offers live, step-by-step training in essential ADHD life skills. What I call the Three Pillars of ADHD Success:

  • Organization. How to stop battling clutter at work and at home – even more important now that many of us are not spending so much time at home. Paper, stuff, emails, and storage. Build ADHD-friendly organizing habits and systems.
  • Time Management. From how to stop being late to managing tasks, projects, and priorities. Building habits and routines to reach your goals and get the important stuff done.
  • ADHD Symptom Management. Non-medication alternatives and tools for avoiding distractions. Boosting focus and follow-through. Build your brain power by learning how to get enough sleep and exercise. Fuel your brain with ADHD-Friendly foods.

Frankly, you won’t find another program as comprehensive as the ADHD Success Club. Most programs offer band-aids. This one offers transformation. That’s why many Success Club members join over and over again. They are finding change that can withstand all the challenges the year will bring.

What Makes the ADHD Success Club Unique?

It’s a live interactive program so you get immediate answers to your questions and concerns during the weekly training calls.

It’s way less expensive than working privately with me, but still provides you with direct attention, guidance, and encouragement and includes my unique practical approach to outsmarting ADHD. 

It holds you accountable. Sure, you can learn tools from books or summits. But the ADHD Success Club has calls where you can get the support, problem-solving, cheering, and accountability so you implement what you’re learning and get things done.

It’s a community. You have your own cheering and motivational squad, accountability partners, and people who understand you in the Club and the private Facebook Group. 

It’s ADHD-friendly. The calls are interactive. Designed for our brief attention spans. Each week, you’ll learn practical skills and insights for managing ADHD. 

It’s organized. To avoid overwhelm, the Success Club is designed around Units and Modules. You get an amazing amount of information delivered in a well-paced, manageable way.

It’s flexible. You can join the weekly training calls held at two different times during the week or listen to the recordings on your own time.

We start September 13th and you can choose which call you want to attend:

  • Tuesdays at 3-4:30pm Pacific OR 
  • Thursdays at 10:30am-12pm Pacific OR
  • via recording

Sign up now and you won’t be charged until the program starts in September. Use the code EARLYBIRD to get $10 off each month.

It’s time to find the balance so you can enjoy life without so much stress and overwhelm. Stop the ADHD struggle and build a life of success.


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