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Finishing projects with ADHD doesnt come naturally. Especially if it’s a big project.

Even if just yesterday you thought your project was the most fascinating thing in the world, today it can be a dull chore. And, adult ADHD makes it hard to get the boring stuff done.

Leaving projects half done causes us problems at work and at home, especially when it becomes a habit. We end up with clutter, unhappy clients and staff, frustrated spouses and bosses. It’s not so great for our self-confidence either.

Why don’t ADHD adults finish projects?

We get bored. We get distracted. We also get overwhelmed.

Plus, most of us are idea people. Finishing large projects takes thoughtful action and follow-through, neither of which are big strengths for most of us who have a more creative, scattered approach to life.

So finishing projects with ADHD gets pretty darn challenging.

I wish I could tell you that you don’t have to finish a project just because you’re an idea person and not a follow-through person! But that, my friend, is just not realistic.

To live successfully with ADHD you have to figure out how to get things done.

I can, however, give you my favorite tip for finishing projects with ADHD. Especially big projects.

How To Finish Projects with ADHD

These days most ADHD adults know that to finish a big project you need to chunk it down into smaller steps. When the steps in a project are too large it becomes overwhelming.

Smaller steps make it easier to wrap your brain around what you’re doing so you can make progress.

However, successfully finishing projects ADHD style means not getting too detailed about all the steps.

Why? Because when you start doing the project you’ll get creative and you won’t follow all the steps you’ve laid out anyway.

If you have ADHD, finishing projects is easier when you have an idea of the major steps to follow and what your finished project will look like. Getting lost in a project’s details wastes your time and overwhelms you.

My advice for finishing projects with ADHD? Layout the major pieces of your project. As you work on each step, let your creativity and enthusiasm lead you. If you find yourself getting stuck then break that step down into smaller steps but not so many that it’s so detailed you won’t follow it.

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  1. Donna

    Just the boost I needed today to begin crossing the finish line on my project.
    Small steps.
    I got this.
    I can do this.
    Small steps.
    1.2.3. go!


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