How To Get Organized for The New Year: ADHD Success Style

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organized for the New YearAre you ready to start 2019 off right? Let’s talk about how to get organized for the New Year.

We won’t tackle organizing like everyone else does, though. To get organized so you stay organized, you need to approach it ADHD Success Style.

After all, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the clutter after Christmas. Even though my house and office are mostly clutter-free most of the time, something about the holidays lets the clutter pile up.

Holiday Organizational Wake-Up Call

There’s just a lot going on and new stuff coming into the house. Plus, I have to admit, I get just a little bit lazier over the holidays. I let clutter pile up in places it normally wouldn’t. I look at a pile and tell myself, “I’ll handle that later.”

Sound familiar?

I’ve had my organizing wake-up call. We are hosting a New Year’s Eve party. Nothing says, “Get up and get organizing” to me quite like having friends and neighbors ringing my doorbell.

It’s not a big deal. I keep our house organized following the steps you’ll learn in my book, Organized for Life. I know whipping our house back into company-ready shape will only take about half an hour tops.

These are the organizing steps we’ll follow in our house:

How To Get Organized For The New Year: ADHD Success Style…

1. Tackle The Clutter: If you don’t like or use something, get rid of it. Don’t box it up and put it in the basement. Get it out of the house. Make room for new things to come into your life in 2019 by clearing out the old stuff.

2. Return things to their Homes: Gather up the stuff you are going to keep that’s lying about and take it to it’s home.

3. Find New Homes For The New Stuff: Find good homes for the gifts you are going to keep. Homes that are easy to use and make sense for you and your family.

If this sounds like a foreign language to you, I suggest you invest in Organized for Life. It’s a simple, step by step organizing system that has helped hundreds of disorganized people over the years.

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