How To Manage Adult ADHD – Deciding What To Do Next

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Manage Adult ADHD

Can you relate to this problem? Most of my ADHD coaching clients learning how to manage adult ADHD struggle with indecision.

They have a To-Do List a mile long, yet they sit at their desk, unable to decide what to do next. Sound all-too familiar? 

The true solution to this problem requires work involving things we often implement in the ADHD coaching world; setting goals, wrestling with to-do lists, getting organized, adjusting schedules, and eliminating distractions.

However, just because you’re not working with an ADHD Coach, doesn’t mean you’re sunk. You can still make progress on your projects.

I find much of ADHD’s inaction and procrastination flows from the same source: Chaos. Chaos leads to muddy-thinking and muddy-thinking leads to inaction.

Manage Adult ADHD With This Simple Trick

Here’s a simple ADHD management trick to help you wade through the chaos and keep you on task next time you don’t know what to do next:

Ask yourself this question: “What small action can I take to move forward?”

This question helps ADHD adults to focus in three ways:

  • When you break a large project or task into small steps, your thinking clears.
  • When your thinking clears, you can see what to do next.
  • When you can see what to do next, you’re more likely to act.

Finally Know What To Do Next 

Beware of this trap: only doing the easy things on your To-Do List. Your ticket to success comes from completing the small tasks, which will eventually help you reach your big, important goals.

Don’t get discouraged. Learning how to manage Adult ADHD is like building a muscle that grows stronger over time. If you’re tired of struggling alone, you’d be wise to work with an ADHD Coach. Someone trained to help you learn how to live more easily and successfully with Attention Deficit Disorder.


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