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losing thingsAre you ready to stop losing stuff? ADHD reality means we lose things. It’s a hard fact of ADHD life.

I hate it when I can’t find something, though. Don’t you?

ADHD’s propensity to lose things is annoying. Plus, it wastes our time, stresses us out, and makes us late. Losing things also gives people without ADHD excuses to treat us like we’re dolts.

Now that I have solid habits around giving everything a home, my stuff doesn’t go missing very often anymore. It helps that I sending my stuff home when I’m not using it.

(You can learn all about creating good homes for your stuff in my book, Organized for Life.)

Sometimes good habits just aren’t enough. Holes still occasionally appear in my carefully constructed organizing structure.

That sometime seems to be now.

I seem to have lost my AirPods; those itty bitty earbuds that Apple makes.

This is serious. I am an ADHD coach who works by telephone. I use those AirPods A LOT.

Plus, I use them to listen to podcasts while I do chores. It helps me dodge procrastination.

I’m not terribly worried. I’ve lost my AirPods before, and they always reappears. It’s annoying enough though that I’ve decided do a bit of analysis on why I keep losing those little guys.

The Three Reasons I Lose My AirPods

  1. The AirPods are tiny. They can slip in a pocket or a purse. Frankly, no ADHD adult in her right mind should own a gadget that small, but I do love them.
  2. Also, my AirPods travel around and don’t have one consistent home. I use them in lots of different places. My office. Our house. On walks. Trips. They get around enough that I can’t easily keep track of them.
  3. I tend to stuff them in random places without thinking. My jeans pocket. My jacket pocket. Drop them in my purse or night stand.

No wonder I’m always losing my AirPods! These bad guys get around!

Now that I know the root of the problem, I can create a solution.

How I’ll Stop Losing My Stuff

Okay, I can’t make the Airpods any bigger, but I CAN pay more attention to where I’m putting them. For me, the intention to pay attention really helps. Most of the time, that can keep me from losing stuff. Even with ADHD.

Since they are travelers, the AirPods are never going to have one home. I can, however, give them a few campsites; a small choice of specific spots where they’ll live when I’m not using them. The corner of my desk. One pocket of my purse. The corner of the kitchen counter. On the coffee table.

My new habit will be to put them in one of those campsites when I’m not  using them. I may have to search for them, but I won’t lose them.

The Minutia of Living Easier with ADHD

Accept it. ADHD means you’re more apt to lost things. Details like why you lose things and where the your stuff lives is the kind of minutia you have to pay attention to if you want to live easier with ADHD.

These kinds of details may seem insignificant. Yet, keep ignoring these details and you’ll live a life of chaos.

Frankly, life is too short and you have too much to offer the world to put up with chaos. You need to be aware, proactive, and smart to be in charge of your ADHD.

Ready to stop losing stuff? Think it through. What do you lose most often? Don’t accept it. Decide what you can do about it.

Will you get it perfect all the time? No, ADHD does’t work like that. You will still lose stuff. But, you will do it less often. You can make it better. And, better is a good place to start.



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