It’s Back! Traveling is BACK!

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ADHD and traveling

I am so excited to talk about TRAVEL this summer! Yup, quarantining is over, the world is opening up and we are stepping out to reclaim our seats on trains, planes, and automobiles.

Now before we get into ADHD and traveling, I have a confession to make. I have a love/hate relationship with travel.

I LOVE going to places. Setting off on an adventure. Letting my feet land on new spaces, my eyes checking out new faces, my shoes wearing out their laces. Yes, I can even get poetic about it.  

But I also struggle a lot with the departure and return. So darn many details. The packing, planning, and prep work. Not to mention transitioning back into regular life. 

And of course, with ADHD, I tend to procrastinate. My travel brain doesn’t fully kick in until departure looms.  So the last-minute length of the list of my pre-travel to-dos can be overwhelming.

If someone would say to me: “Dana, be in the passenger seat of the car at 7am. That’s all you have to do and the adventure will await you,” I’d be a happier traveler. 

But that’s not possible. There’s no fairy godmother to wave her wand and take care of all the pieces for me. And if there isn’t one for you and you LOVE traveling but HATE the work and challenges that can go with it, then the next few newsletters are for you!

Because I want you ready to go – stress and carefree – when you step into your next traveling adventure this summer!

So what is coming up? Over the next few weeks, we are going to talk best practices for ADHD and traveling, especially: 

  • ADHD and planning
  • ADHD and packing
  • ADHD and transitioning after traveling 

In the meantime, post below — let me know your travel plans for the summer. 

Whether you’ll be road tripping, flying, cruising or planning a staycation nearby…I want to hear about the exciting adventure you have planned!


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