What Makes ADHD Worse?

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What Makes ADHD Worse?

Recently I’ve received a few questions from ADD Success readers who wondered if ADHD gets worse with age.

There are number of things that can make ADHD symptoms worse, and yes, age can be one of them.

What else makes ADHD symptoms worse? What you need to do is look at life and figure out what’s going on. For example:

  • Are you (post) menopausal?
  • Has there been a major change in your life? This can include the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or health issues.


Age can especially affect women with ADHD as there’s often a direct connection between brain functioning and Estrogen. After menopause, as estrogen declines, brain functioning – including memory changes, lack of energy and foggy brain – can decline, too. While it may not affect everyone, when added to ADHD, you may see an increase in ADHD tendencies.

Major Life Changes

People often hit the wall often when there’s a huge change in their structure.

  • Loss of a loved one – Whether a spouse/life partner/loved one dies or you experience a divorce, the resulting change in structure may turn your life upside-down. You may find it extremely difficult to keep your house tidy and remain organized, especially considering that the person you may have kept everything together for is gone.
  • Losing a job can cause grief and depression, just as losing a loved one does. And, with grief and depression may come less of a desire to keep things in order and more of a desire to find a dark room and hide.
  • Illness – If you normally use all your energy holding your life and home together but suddenly you’re ill and can’t, the disorganization, clutter and chaos will build.


All of these things can have huge impact on ADHD symptoms. In fact, in my ADHD coach training we called it hitting the wall.

Often people come to me for help managing their ADHD when they hit the wall and their ADHD has gotten so hard to manage that they can no longer function.

Honestly, you’d do better finding a coach before it comes to that.

Hiring an ADHD coach and learning to manage your ADHD before a major, life-changing event happens will allow you to prevent falling into a tail spin and hitting the wall.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard. An ADHD coach can help. Follow this link for more information about ADHD and the ADHD coaching services I offer.


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