Maya Meets Her ADHD Symptoms

 In Maya's Journey to Success

In this week’s ADHD Success Club module on ADHD Symptoms, Dana Rayburn shares, “ADHD is NOT a failure of will. It’s a brain-based condition. Success comes from awareness and managing your ADHD symptoms.”Maya ADHD Symptoms

This begins with naming, owning, and thinking about my ADHD symptoms

Maya’s Very Own ADHD Symptoms

Spinning and Scattered Actions of Distraction have me feeling like the silver ball in the pinball machine as I bounce from one thing to another. No clarity. No plans in these actions of distraction that keep me from getting done what needs to be done each day.

Obsessive Quests for Perfectionism are what lead to success in a single area at the expense of everything else. I answer a single question, find one teaching resource, or perfect one small aspect of teaching. Meanwhile, nothing else gets done, and my priorities are unrealized.

Mountains of Clutter surround my home and work, from papers to books to notebooks to stuff. I find myself overwhelmed not knowing where to put things. Without a system, a plan, or a place, I find myself just moving clutter from one place to another.

Boggled Brain Blurts happen when I’m overwhelmed, tired, or distracted. When I can’t follow what others are saying or when I feel my voice isn’t heard, my brain gets boggled, and I blurt. I can tell you this is not one of my endearing traits.

Last week I wrote that I thought I was aware of my ADHD problems, but this week I realize my awareness has been merely scraping the surface. Now that I’ve begun to name, own, and map out my symptoms, I have a new awareness.

By giving each ADHD symptom a descriptive name that speaks to me as well as through exploring my thoughts and actions, I am more aware of what’s going on outwardly and inwardly.  Also, by examining the causes and possible solutions/tools, I am beginning to see how I will equip myself with systems to manage my ADHD.

Overarching ADHD Symptoms

While I’ve examined a few of my ADHD symptoms, I know I will need to dig deeper in order to take on some of the overarching ADHD symptoms that are the real roadblocks in my life:

  1. One and Done–not sticking with a system long enough to know if it will work
  2. The Reality of Priorities–not having a plan for my day, week, month to guide me–I do not live life in a way that my true priorities are realized in my daily actions.
  3. To Do Not–making a list and never checking it or never making it at all
  4. Getting Started–avoiding the tasks that I don’t like–the ones I can complete if I’d just start
  5. Time Vortex–complete and total unawareness of time that keeps me from getting things done

As I think of all the ADHD symptoms that continue to get in my way, I’m overwhelmed but in a good way. There is work to be done. I know Dana is going to help me slow down my thoughts and break things down to equip me with systems to manage my symptoms. This will move me towards greater awareness and management and will help me remove the roadblocks preventing me from finding my best self. Small and deliberate steps will eventually lead towards big changes.

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  • Michael S Lancaster

    You are simply the best. You are my hero.

    • Dana Rayburn

      Not sure if you mean me or Maya, but thank you from both of us!

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