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Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve talked about ADHD and meditation. 

We started with the WHY and the many benefits of having a regular meditation practice. Things like:

  • Strengthening attention, cognition, and memory
  • Improving your executive functions by strengthening your brain’s prefrontal cortex (the area responsible for focus, planning and impulse control)
  • Raising dopamine levels so you are able to pay better attention and complete tasks
  • Dealing with stress in a healthier way

In essence, meditation improves brain structure AND helps ADHD brains work better. Yes, that’s right. It’s phenomenal really. 

Then we talked about 5 easy ADHD meditation tricks, because I will admit – meditation can be tricky for the ADHD brain. BUT since the benefits outweigh the challenges, I shared a few tricks I’ve learned along the meditation highway:

1. Start Small – Start with 2 minutes a day, then gradually add a few minutes at a time. Let the goal of 10-20mins sneak up on you. 

2. Ignore the Shoulds – Let go of how you think meditation should look like – there are really no set rules or wrong way – do what works for YOU.

3. Shift It Up – The ADHD brain thrives on change so try different mindfulness and meditation apps and techniques so you can adapt to your mood, available time and location and interest.

4. Make Peace With the Fidgets – You’re going to fidget, move, want to scratch your face. Accept it and move on.

5. Find Your Best Formula – Figure out what works best for you, what gets in your way, what helps you when, and what you can do to minimize distractions.

In other words — don’t stress the practice.

Now this week, I want to invite you to go deeper!

Join me for this week’s Kick Some ADHD podcast episode to learn more about how meditation is an amazing strategy to manage ADHD.

My co-host, David Johnson, and I have a robust conversation about meditating with ADHD. We dip into some of the research showing how meditation helps ADHD brains. And, our personal experience with mindfulness.

You can find the show on your Apple Podcast and more here –


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