My #1 Tip for Working from Home with ADHD

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tip for working from home with ADHD

What’s my biggest tip for working from home with ADHD? I call it the Would I Code. This tip is important if you need to be more productive and focused while working from home.

It took me years to figure out this essential tip for controlling my ADHD while working from home. And until I did, I wasted a ton of time doing everything but what I needed to do to run and grow my ADHD coaching business.

I’m happy to share it with you so you can avoid my struggle, and start using this remote working tip right away.

Exactly what is the Would I Code? It’s this simple. As you go about your day you ask yourself, “Would I do this if I were at the office? Would I do this if my boss or co-workers were watching?”

If you wouldn’t, then you want to stop doing it now!

How to Use This Tip for Working from Home with ADHD

Here are some examples of how the Would I Code can help adults with ADHD focus while working from home:

“Would I fold the laundry if I were at the office?” Nope. Then stop and get back to work.

“Would I clean the toilet if I were at the office?” Nope. Then stop and get back to work.

“Would I play video games if my boss were watching?” Nope. Then stop and get back to work.

“Would I make a cup of tea if I worked in an office? Yes, I would. Brew, enjoy and get back to work.

I find the Would I Code brings me quick clarity. You see, when we’re working from home we’re tempted to do all those neglected chores. Which brings me to an important piece that needs clarification in using this tip.

Distracted or Procrastinating?

There are two things to watch out for when working from home with ADHD. Have you strayed off track because you got distracted? Or have you strayed off track because you’re procrastinating?

Many years ago, when I first started working from home I was a professional organizer. I didn’t know about ADHD then and I would get very distracted. It wasn’t unusual for me to suddenly realize I was weeding the garden or working the crossword puzzle.

Usually I’d just gotten distracted by random thoughts and ended knee deep in the weeds or crossword puzzle. Because it was more of a direct shift, it was easier for me to get back to work.

But if shifting back to work was a challenge – meaning I was a bit stubborn about going back to work – I realized I was procrastinating. That was trickier to manage. I had to figure out why I was procrastinating and then sherlock a few work-arounds to outsmart the procrastination so I could get back to work.

I recently spoke with a man who wants ADHD coaching because he can’t get started on an important project. He gets up in the morning intending to get to work. Instead he does all kinds of other things. He says his house has never been cleaner.

The Would I Code brings him clarity on what he’s doing vs what he intends to be doing. And with that clarity we’ll figure out why he’s procrastinating and what to do about it.

Many of my ADHD Success Club members like using this ADHD working from home tip for chores. Would I fold laundry at the office? Nope. Would I sweep the floor; wash the dishes? Nope. Save those for lunchtime or after work. (Of course, doing those chores after work won’t seem as inviting…that’s a different problem!)

Why not give the Would I Code a try? This tip for working from home with ADHD has helped many people to be more focused and productive. I hope it helps you, too!

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