A Simple ADHD Time Management Trick

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adhd time management

Is your task list a mile long, yet you do everything but what you need to do? Well, pay attention! Here’s an ADHD time management trick to get you moving on your priorities.

Increasing ADHD productivity is tricky. Most people, those without ADHD, just do what’s on their to-do list. Especially if it’s a priority.

Life in ADDLand is different. We need a unique approach.

Full Disclosure: Ultimately solving this problem will take more than this one time management trick. You need to be clear on your priorities, contain distractions, and have a useful task-list system. You’d know this if you were in the ADHD Success Club. But, that aside, you can still get better at getting stuff done.

An Easy ADHD Time Management Trick

What you need, my friend, is clarity. Often our ADHD minds are filled with such chaos and distraction, we have the clarity of a mud puddle. Without clarity, we can’t focus.

How do you get clarity so you can get stuff done?

Try this easy ADHD time management trick next time you notice you’re not getting what you need to do done.

Ask yourself: “What’s my next small step?

Yes, shifting from confusion to clarity can be that simple.

Improving Your Time Management

Here’s why thinking about next small steps improves ADHD time management:

  • Your thinking clears,
  • Clearer thinking helps you focus,
  • Focus lets you know what to do next,
  • Knowing what to do next means you’re more likely to act.

What happens if clarity doesn’t boost your productivity? Then something else is going on, and you’ll need to dig deeper. Figure out what’s up. Disorganization? Out of control symptoms? Distractions?

Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged.

You CAN live easier with ADHD. It will take time, symptom control, and new skills. But, you can do this! In the meantime, I hope this simple ADHD time management trick helps you break the log jam so you can get stuff done.


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