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iPhone apps

One of my favorite iPhone apps to stay organized with Adult ADD/ADHD is the Due App. Not only do I use this app, but as an ADHD coach I also recommend it to my clients as a useful tool for managing ADD/ADHD.

What exactly is the Due App and how can it help you stay organized with your Attention Deficit?

Due App works by setting reminders for tasks that may be easily forgotten.

Not only can it set a single reminder such as “Don’t forget to mail Grandma’s birthday card,” but it sets routine reminders too, such as “Water the plants” or “Change over the laundry.”

It’s user-friendly and makes it easy to set reminders to chime one time only, or as frequently as necessary! Be that every month, every week, or even daily, Due won’t forget what my ADD brain might.

Due makes those difficult things to remember (like my daily organizing activities and cleaning chores as outlined in my ebook, Organized for Life) become second nature.

Indeed, one of my favorite uses for Due is first thing in the morning when a reminder pops up to think about what we’re having for dinner that evening. Just the frequency of that reminder has taught me to remember dinner, even before Due ever goes off.

The one downside to this ADD-friendly iPhone app is that too many reminders may go off all at once, overwhelming ADD/ADHD brains.

To avoid that, I learned to group the information together; for example, instead of setting three separate reminders to sweep the floor, clean the cat box, and dust the table, I simply set a single reminder with all three of those things grouped together.

Voila! Problem solved.

While Due isn’t free, it may just be the best $4.99 I’ve spent on a great app to help me and my ADHD coaching clients stay organized with our forgetful ADD/ADHD brains. It keeps things in my life running smoothly by relieving me from working hard to remember things I’m prone to forget. Instead, Due keeps up with it all for me.


  1. Pat

    Hi Dana,

    Found you via ADHD Management. Great blog/site! Apps for ADHD people are getting very popular, so it’s nice that you sorted through and picked some good ones. The important thing is that the app is USED and doesn’t become another distraction or “task” floating around in the back of the mind.

    Followed you on Twitter btw!


  2. AP33

    I found your site via a google search for Omega 3 dosage recommendations for ADHD. I’ve been enjoying several of your pages. My eyes are tearing up reading your blog. You speak about issues as if they’re acceptable and one just needs to treat them as a matter of course & find ways to work with them. It’s like some of the things I’ve had issues/challenges with in my life weren’t a fault of mine or some personal defect, as I’d so long felt / allowed myself to be lead to believe. I see myself in some of what you write, which means I’m not alone in having experienced these things – it’s not ‘just me’. I’m glad I finally have an accurate diagnosis for the first time as a (beyond 30’s) adult. There are definitely some emotions as I’ve begun to realize how this reframes a lot of my past experiences & perspectives. I really appreciate your articles, they’re great – thank you.

    • danarayburn

      You are very welcome. Your feeling of being alone in this is very common for ADHD Adults. Most of my clients feel that way. You are not alone! You’re not broken, either. Just different.

  3. Spencer

    A really, really, really good app is Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers. It even has a nag option! I don’t know if I’m ADD (I suspect it) and this app has allowed me to get more stuff done this week then I have in years (which isn’t much).

    I love your website. 🙂


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