Stop Procrastinating with ADHD

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stop procrastinatingIs Stop Procrastinating near the top of your to do list?

It’s sure to be if you have ADHD. You do everything and anything but what you’re supposed to do. Like, check email, read a book, check Instagram, watch TV, surf the net, play a game.

Yes, procrastinating can be helpful sometimes. But not often. You know those times when you blast through a task you kind of needed to do, instead of the priority you planned to do. Like cleaning the kitchen, instead of filing the papers.

Usually, you’re stressed and upset when you procrastinate, right? Blaming yourself? Making excuses?

Well, guess what? Beating yourself up because you procrastinate doesn’t help. Shame and blame won’t pop you into action. You’ll accomplish more with a different approach.

You won’t stop procrastinating until you shift your thinking. Instead of dropping into shame and frustration when you’re doing everything but what you need to do, I want you to shift into investigation mode.

Getting frustrated with yourself doesn’t change anything. Investigation and action do.

How To Stop Procrastinating with ADHD

Where do you start? By investigating your procrastination conversations. That convincing little voice in your head telling you to put off what you know you need to do.

I encourage you to pay attention to the conversations going on in your head. The comments and excuses. Until you start to notice you won’t be able to push past them.

I find most people have a clear running dialog going on in their brain. Especially when they procrastinate. The chattering. Sometimes called the Monkey Mind.

(Occasionally, I’ll have a client who doesn’t hear the words but experiences more of a feeling. If that’s you, notice the feeling instead.)

Next week, I’ll tell you about the most common procrastination conversations and what you can do to push through them.

This week is your first step to stop procrastinating with ADHD. For now, noticing is enough. Pay attention to that little voice. Noticing what it says is step one to stop falling for it’s excuses.

If you’re interested in creating a personalized plan to help you stop procrastinating with ADHD join the ADHD Success Club. Members are making great strides at busting through procrastination.


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