The Strong Link Between ADHD and Diet

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link between ADHD and dietYou know how filling your car with cheap gas leaves your engine pinging and knocking? The link between ADHD and diet isn’t far off. Eat the wrong foods, or don’t eat, and you will be more distracted and less motivated.

Your ADHD brain is like a high-performance car. It runs better on quality fuel with regular pit stops. Just this simple change will make controlling your ADHD symptoms tons easier.

Food is fuel for the ADHD brain. Which is why your diet is vital to your brain’s performance.

If you want an easier life with ADHD you have to take the link between diet and ADHD seriously. That’s why we cover the ADHD-Friendly Diet early in the ADHD Success Club.

It’s natural to resist this change. It’s easy to get attached to eating chips and sodas and missing breakfast. But, I’ve seen this over and over. When I get someone to shift their eating habits getting their ADHD out of the way becomes so much easier. They are on the way to creating a life they dream of having.

So, what kind of fuel does the ADHD brain need?

Today I’ll share a quick summary of the best diet for ADHD. Also, what foods you want to avoid if you have Attention Deficit. Simply put, the wrong diet makes ADHD symptoms worse.

Click here to read my detailed recommendations on the ADHD-Friendly Diet.

The Link Between ADHD and Diet

I challenge you to experience the link between ADHD and diet for yourself. Try eating ADHD-friendly foods throughout the day and notice how your brain works.

  • Can you focus better?
  • Control your emotions better?
  • Procrastinate less?
  • If you’re taking ADHD medications, do they work better?

I can almost guarantee you’ll notice a direct link between ADHD and diet. Just like most of my private ADHD coaching clients and ADHD Success Club members.

A Quick Guide to ADHD-Friendly Foods

  • DO eat healthy proteins
  • DO eat healthy fats
  • DO eat complex carbohydrates. Think whole grains, brown rice
  • AVOID simple carbohydrates. Nix the white rice and white flour
  • AVOID sugary sweets and soda
  • AVOID foods laden with artificial ingredients and dyes

Don’t settle for disorganization and distraction. There is a direct link between ADHD and diet. Eating the right foods is essential to living a more successful and satisfying ADHD life.

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