Be Successful With ADHD. It’s Your Right.

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blue-boy-and-birdAre you your own worst critic? Do you think you’ll never be successful with ADHD?

Deep down do you believe you can never do enough or be enough?

Many adults with ADHD see themselves that way.

I perceive you differently.

I see your potential, and the gift you are to the world.

To nudge you to see yourself differently, too, I’d like to share a poem I’m inspired by each time I read it.

Written by 13th century poet, Rumi, it seems to be written especially for adults with ADHD.

Take this poem to heart. Because it’s true.


You were born with potential,

You were born with goodness and trust,

You were born with ideals and dreams,

You were born with greatness,

You were born with wings,

You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings,

Learn to use them and fly.


You are more than your ADHD. Celebrate its gifts, because there are gifts.

Embrace its challenges. You have the right to be successful with ADHD.

If your lack of focus and disorganization keep you crawling, do what you need to do to strengthen your wings so you can fly.

Your energy and ideas are needed. Let your goodness loose in the world.

May your year and your world be filled with peace, prosperity and abundant good health.

To Your ADHD Success,

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