The ABC’s of ADHD Success

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You probably already know what ADHD Success is. I talk about it so much though, that I thought I’d tell you what it means to me.

In my view, ADHD Success is the goal. The holy grail of living with attention deficit.

Living successfully with attention deficit means having the knowledge, ability, and skills to reduce ADHD’s power over your life.


When You Achieve ADHD Success You…

  • Understand how your brain works and how to tweak it to work better. So you can focus on important tasks. Control impulses. Avoid distractions. Slow the mental chatter and ideas. Stop procrastinating. Know practical ways to stay organized. How to clear clutter. Setup and maintain ADHD-friendly organizing systems at work and at home. Create useful storage areas. Get rid of the piles of paper and overloaded files.
  • Control and manage your time and tasks so you can prioritize effectively. Keep a to-do list. Reduce overwhelm. Dodge distractions. Achieve your goals instead of just thinking about them. Stop living a string of unfinished projects.
  • ADHD Success means building awareness and habits so life isn’t so frustrating and chaotic. Get places on time. Stop losing things. Follow routines. Build consistency.

Getting your ADHD out of your way so you can live to your potential and share your creativity and zest with the world.

Sounds great, right? But how?

What you need to know to achieve ADHD Success…

We’re talking lasting change. Changing the way you exist in this world isn’t a one week or even three month project. It takes time.

There are no silver bullets. No quick fixes. Lasting change comes from making small improvements over time.

I get it. You’re impulsive. You want things to happen fast. I’m the same way.

But it doesn’t serve you to hold on to unrealistic expectations of how long it takes to achieve results. You have to dig in and find the patience.

Getting the right support is also essential to achieving ADHD Success. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness or a crutch; it’s a reality.

You’ll need tools, skills, accountability, encouragement, and guidance.

It’s not impossible to go it alone. But it’s much harder. It takes a lot longer, too. I’ve tried it both ways. Now I look back with regret on all the years I wasted struggling on my own.

I’ll say it again. ADHD Success means having the knowledge, ability, and skills to reduce ADHD’s power over your life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

I’m thrilled that finding affordable support is possible in my program, the ADHD Success Club. Registration opens next week for the Success Club’s third year. You’ll find more details here:


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