The Art of Living with ADHD

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art of living with ADHDThe resurgence in popularity of Marie Kondo’s Magical Art of Tidying Up has me concerned. So much so that it has sparked a blog. We’re talking about more than tidying up. We’re talking about the Art of Living with ADHD. (Yes, it’s a thing)

I’ve already written about how damaging Kondo’s organizing techniques can be for many ADHD adults. You can read my thoughts about that here.

(If the emails and blog comments I get are a gage, Kondo’s Magical Art of Tidying Up works for about 5% of ADHD adults. Are you one of those people? That’s fantastic! For the rest of us, including me, Kondo’s organizing approach is anything but helpful.)

Today let’s look at the bigger issue. The burning desire of many ADHD adults to find a magic solution to their problems. Desperate to have our ADHD challenges vanish, we blindly follow directions. Even if like lemmings, we dash off a cliff.

Does that mean you’re left to flounder on your own?

No, of course not. I am living proof that ADHD can be easier. So are a whole bunch of ADHD Success Club members and private coaching clients whom I’ve guided to an easier ADHD existence.  

The Art of Living with ADHD Reality

Here’s the reality. Living with ADHD is an art. Not a science.

What I mean is that no one-size-fits-all approach to living with adult ADHD exists. There is no one magic ADHD solution. No one ADHD organizing system. No one task list or planner. No one ADHD morning routine. No one way to be on time. No one way to fold your clothes.

You need to view all the ADHD suggestions out there, including mine, through your own reality. What makes sense for you? What habits can you sustain? How do you think? How does your life work?

This is why I work with private coaching clients and the ADHD Success Club like I do. We use my favorite techniques for living successfully with ADHD as a foundation.

Then the magic begins.

We adjust those basic techniques to fit the specific needs of the individual. So you end up with an approach that works for you. Not some mess of an overwhelming pile of books on your living room floor. Or, a massive pile of clothes on your bed.  

You need ADHD systems that work for you. Your life. The way your brain works.

Also, ADHD systems that you can adjust and change over time so you stay engaged. Systems that grow with you as your life changes.

The magical art of living with ADHD isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All situation. You have to take what you read and hear and adjust it to work for you.

Need help living easier with ADHD? Then consider becoming a Gold Member of the ADHD Success Club. Or, Success Plus Private Coaching. Expert help in tailoring ADHD techniques to fit you and your life.


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