The Worst Way To Motivate ADHD Adults to Exercise

by | Feb 4, 2016 | ADHD Symptom Control | 1 comment

motivate ADHD adults to exerciseDid you see the article suggesting that getting a dog would motivate ADHD adults to exercise?

Who writes this stuff? Obviously people who don’t have a clue how ADHD adults rock and roll.

Yes, getting exercise is important for managing ADHD.  Exercise helps us stay focused and calm.

Yes, it is hard for most ADHD adults to find the motivation to get the exercise they need.

But getting a dog only compounds the problem.

No way are dogs an ADHD exercise motivation tool. In reality, having dogs make life a lot more complicated.

Getting a dog doesn’t mean you’ll have a burning desire to jump up and get more exercise. Walking a dog gets boring and in no time can become one more chore you don’t do. One more thing to feel guilty about.

Get a dog and your list of daily tasks immediately explodes. Feeding, exercise, training, vet visits, grooming and play, play and more play. If you’re overwhelmed before you get a dog you’ll be even more so afterwards.

Dogs make houses harder to keep clean. Dog hair on the furniture and clothes. Muddy foot prints on the floor and carpet. Chew toys and bones all over the floor. Tennis ball marks on the wall.

Dogs are huge distractions. As I write, my beautiful Carly Jean is staring at me with her Frisbee hanging out of her mouth. She thinks I have better things to do than work right now. How long can I resist the temptation to go play with her? When I do play, how long will it take me to get back to work?

Dogs are inconvenient. They demand strict schedules and routines. They bark when you don’t want them to and poop where you don’t want them to. When they get bored or unhappy they get naughty and escape or destroy things.

I sound like I don’t like dogs, don’t I? Far from the truth. I’m a dog (and cat) person through and through. I am over-the-top crazy about Carly Jean and Buddy, our two, four-legged clowns. Treasured members of our family, they enrich our lives in many ways. To me, they are worth the trouble.

But, I certainly don’t consider them to be a treadmill. I’ll write more about motivation and ADHD exercise in the coming weeks.

The right reason to get a dog is because you have the time and ability to give them the love, care and attention they need. The wrong reason is to because you read a dog will motivate ADHD adults to exercise.

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  1. Sean Desilva

    You’re right, adopting a pet just to motivate you to exercise is a big no-no. Pets are serious responsibilities! If you can’t invest in such arrangement, it’s better to do yourself the favor of avoiding another huge time sink.



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