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Last week we talked about getting stuff done, how we’re aiming for a balance, and why paying attention to stimulation is important to creating an easier ADHD life. And, I introduced an important concept, the ADHD Stimulation Lever.  

Now, as someone with ADHD, we love and need just the right amount of stimulation. And we are constantly oscillating back and forth between low and high levels.

But it’s essential that we learn to find the right balance of stimulation in the small moments of life when you just need to get things done. 

This is where the Stimulation Lever comes into play. Noticing as you go through your days if you need to gently adjust your ADHD Stimulation Lever so you can find that right balance of productivity and focus. 

With ADHD, you’re constantly adjusting your Stimulation Lever to get a balance between too little stimulation and too much stimulation. (Take a peek at last week’s ADHD Success if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

To get that right balance of stimulation, you need to be able to identify what it feels like when your brain needs more going on so you can focus better. You need to be able to identify what your brain feels like when you have too much going on so you can focus better. 

I did this just a few minutes ago. As I sat down at my computer to write this blog, my brain said, “Meh”. Instead of diving into something more shiny like my brain wanted, I pushed my ADHD Stimulation Lever forward a bit with one of my handy ADHD focusing tools. 

Now I’m on track to finish writing the blog without smashing against my deadline. This is what we’re talking about. 

First ADHD Stimulation Lever Step: Awareness

This all starts with awareness. You have to notice which direction your Stimulation Lever needs to be adjusted. Awareness is essential.

If you drive a car, you do this kind of thing all the time. You’re going too fast, you pull off the gas pedal a bit. You’re driving too slow and you step on the gas pedal. And just like driving under the influence of ADHD, sometimes you don’t notice right away. That’s okay. We’re skill building here, and that takes time.

Take a moment to think about YOUR signs that you need more stimulation.

Does your thinking feel sluggish, can’t get started, can’t focus, distracted, pulled off track? How does it feel? When I don’t have enough stimuli my brain feels flat. It’s a heavy feeling behind my eyes. There’s no lift or light. 

What kind of things do you do when your ADHD needs more stimulation? I check email often, jump on social media, and randomly surf the web. Get tempted to buy stuff. I do everything but what I need to be doing. 

What are the signs your ADHD needs less stimulation? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, racing brain, too intense, too energetic, hyper-focused?  When I’m over-stimulated, I’m tense, agitated. I get overly emotional way too easily. I move too fast. I ping pong from thing to thing. I lose my temper and get impatient.

Don’t know your signs that your ADHD Stimulation Lever needs adjusting? That’s okay. Start paying attention. Ask your friends and family what they notice. Become aware. Living easier with ADHD means learning to pay attention to paying attention. 

Interested in discovering how to adjust your level of ADHD stimulation? Sign up for the ADHD Success Club where you can learn how to live easily with ADHD. (For example, in Module 7, we go deeper into the different types of ADHD stimulation and you’ll learn my favorite, sure-fire hacks and tools for adjusting that very important lever.) 

The next season of the ADHD Success Club starts in September and you can sign up now (you won’t be charged until September).


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