Your Emotions On Dehydration

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emotions on dehydration

Recently, one of my private ADHD coaching clients shared an interesting observation with me – she’d been working on drinking more water to help reduce brain fog and to boost her energy.

Yes, she found that drinking more water improved focus and energy. Yet, that wasn’t all!

She discovered that when she was hydrated, her mood and emotions improved! 

She said when she was dehydrated, she noticed she was more likely to be crabby and dissatisfied with work, relationships, and life. 

Needless to say, I was blown away. 

I knew hydration was essential for managing my ADHD symptoms. I tested this theory years ago to see how much water I needed on a regular basis. I’ve read studies that showed dehydration caused ADHD-like symptoms in people without ADHD. I learned that proper liquid intake affected my mood, attention, focus, and memory. 

But I hadn’t really thought of hydration as a way to regulate ADHD emotions. I skipped over that ‘mood’ part and hyperfocused on the attention, focus, and memory pieces every time I took a sip.

Now, since emotional regulation is important for ADHD adults, I did some more research about dehydration and depression, and anxiety. And I think you’ll be interested in hearing what we found! 

Grab a glass of water and click here to listen to Episode 157 of the Kick Some ADHD podcast: Your Emotions on Dehydration.

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