14 Sure Signs ADHD is Out of Control

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ADHD is out of controlIs your ADHD out of control? Do you ever think there has to be an easier, less-stressful way of living?

You’re right – there is! And it starts with identifying what’s going on. Seeing people struggle unnecessarily with ADHD breaks my heart.

What’s the first thing you need to change your relationship with ADHD? Information! Here’s a list of some of the common signs of out of control ADHD.

14 Sure Signs ADHD is Out of Control

  1. You can’t estimate how long it will take you to do things. You either think you can do two hours of work in 15 minutes or you procrastinate for days on a five minute task.
  2. You’re often late for meetings and appointments. That is if you remember them at all.
  3. You consistently work on trivial stuff. Tasks that aren’t getting you closer to your goals.
  4. Life is chaotic. You’re rarely prepared for anything and, if you are, it was a stressful last-minute push to get ready.
  5. You often can’t find what you need when you need it and frequently waste time searching for things.
  6. You spend time and energy covering your tracks to hide the things you didn’t get done in hopes no one will notice what you’ve neglected.
  7. You have little control over being pulled into distractions – falling down endless rabbit holes of total wastes of time and doing unimportant things.
  8. You double and triple book appointments without knowing it.
  9. You ignore life’s details and make careless mistakes that cause a ripple effect of problems.
  10. Your to do list is a hot mess and you have absolutely no idea how you’ll ever get everything done.
  11. You can’t focus or get started working on projects.
  12. You forget to do the routine things that need to be done.
  13. You seem to spend a lot of time making excuses and letting other people down – including yourself.
  14. You often forget to do things and can’t count on yourself to follow-through or keep your commitments.

How’d You Do? Is Your ADHD Out of Control?

How many did you check off?

Are you wondering if you met the “magic number”? Guess what. There isn’t a magic number that indicates whether your ADHD is out of control.

What matters is if ADHD is affecting your ability to function and to enjoy life. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. If your ADHD is out of control you don’t have to accept it.

Learning to live more easily with ADHD is possible. I’ve done it and my ADHD coaching clients have, too. It’s not easy, but if you want to live to your potential and make your big ideas happen then you need to consider making some changes.


  1. Bre

    I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I’m trying to learn everything I can! Decided to read this article because the title intrigued me. So far, my biggest obstacle has been accepting the fact that I just can’t function “like everyone else”. I have been advised on all kinds of tools and strategies to alleviate the effects of my ADHD, but I haven’t been able to let go of the thought that I don’t really need these things, I can just take my meds and try harder and then I’ll be able to remember things\pay attention\get stuff done just like everyone else. Not until I read this article did I comprehend that the way I’ve been living, for pretty much my whole life, isn’t normal – I’ve been coping and struggling through life with out-of-control ADHD symptoms. Seeing it presented this way has helped me to understand that this is truly a disorder, not just bad habits to be broken. I feel much more open to the supports that have been offered to me, and plan to start putting them into practice as soon as I can. Thank you for this article!

    • Dana Rayburn

      Bre, I am SO HAPPY to hear this. If you have ADHD you simply CAN’T expect to walk through the world like everyone else. Good luck!! Dana

  2. Dana

    Hi Dana, I read your article & it helped me to understand why my grown(28) daughter does some of the things she does. She has never been diagnosed by a dr, i pretty well self diagnosed her. Maybe she needs to be, i don’t know. I believe her 6 yr old son, my grandson, has adhd. I have been on her to have him evaluated & diagnosed but she is & has been procrastinating about doing it & it has got to the point that the whole household is sheer choas, out of control & everyone is frustrated, aggravated, & irritated at the highest level. I see my grandson struggle so much, in school & at home, especially at home. I raised my 2 girls in a structured environment with a strict, followed schedule, letting nothing interfere & i’d hoped that they would continue it as they matured, but my daughter is right the opposite of that. She doesn’t usually get anywhere on time, is overwhelmed with daily/weekly tasks, will put things off until the last minute or until she can’t any longer. She has a job but after work & on weekends, she doesnt want to do anything else& she has 2 kids to look after. she doesnt think housework is important & its mainly all on me, & i constantly complain but its a lost cause. I also watch her kids, my grandson & 2 yr old grandaughter fo she can work but i am 54 yrs old & dont have the patience, energy& stamina that i used to have. I feel like i have been running on empty for a long time now & just dont know how to reach her. I feel i’ve tried everything i know with no results. I just want some resolutions. Any suggestions?

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Dana. I can see how frustrating it is to watch your daughter and her family struggle. I wish I had an answer. However, until she sees it is a problem she may not do anything about it. Other readers…do you have any suggestions?

  3. Tiffany

    I cried like a baby reading this.I am not diagnosed with adhd but i was diagnosed with bi polar at the age of 13.I am 36 now and I am struggling just to hold my head barely above water.Im a mother of 3 kids 2 of the 3 diagnosed with adhd and my youngest has autism.My marriage is falling apart due to my time blindness and my ability to blow money like its nothing.Thats only the beginning of all my problems.I’ve paid cash for my last 2 Dr appts and both Drs put me on bipolar medication and said we’d wait to see where that goes.I am completely losing my mind.Some peple use the word adhd like its something of a trend these days.Well i dont want to be a part of that trend anymore…Its hard and yet im trying so hard much harder than anyone around me but yet i never finish.I just have no idea what to do anymore.Nor do i know if i will ever get a Dr who actually wants to help this situation.Thanks for giving me something i can relate to.


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