ADHD Survival Guide for Summer – Tip 3: Plan for Transitions

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plan for transitionsLiving with adult ADHD can be like living in a different world sometimes, one sprinkled with unique challenges. Especially during the summer when your schedule is a little more relaxed.  One of the most difficult challenges are ADHD transitions, so be prepared with a plan for transitions.

In ADHD Lingo, transitions are the time it takes to adjust from one situation to another. Transitions are a key time for ADHD adults, a time when they can easily drift and become unproductive.

Properly Plan for Transitions This Summer

Summer is chock full of transitions. With the extra flexibility and lack of structure, you’ll be facing many more transitions than you’re used to.

But there is one great-granddaddy of all transitions — returning from vacation. There you’ll be, with your body right where it’s supposed to be, but your brain will still be gallivanting. That ADHD brain will usually take a few extra days to return from vacation.

How long does it take to come back? That depends. Everyone is different and you need to discover your own tendencies.

I’ve learned that it usually takes me four days after I come back from vacation to be fully up to speed. Yes, there are ways to speed up the process a bit, but if you expect to be truly productive your first day back from a trip, you’ll be disappointed.

Easy Tips to Plan Your Transitions

So what’s the bottom-line? Plan for transitions and be patient with yourself. Accept you won’t be at full productivity when you return from vacation and plan around that.

Here’s a tip for helping you get back into the swing of things: Before you leave on vacation, create to-do lists for the first few days after you’re back. Keep them light since you’ll be in transition. But this lets you know exactly what you should be doing. It’s a way of easing that wandering ADHD brain back into focus.

Remember, even though you may relax a bit more during the summer, Adult ADHD never goes on vacation. Focusing on these three keys from your ADHD Survival Guide, Realistic Planning, Scheduling, and Transitions, you will be able to stay on track and enjoy your summer. 


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