Confessions of an ADHD Coach: When ADD Symptoms Flare

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Today I’ve noticed my ADD / ADHD symptoms are out of control. I’m less focused and procrastinating much more than usual. I’m staring out the window a lot. I feel kind of like I did in my “Scattered Period” before I was an ADHD coach and really skilled at managing my ADD.

At quick glance, I couldn’t figure out why my ADD symptoms had flared. I’ve been exercising, taking Omega-3s, getting enough sleep. Looking closer though, I can pretty much point the finger at my diet. It hasn’t quite been the ADD-Friendly diet I preach.

With Scott out of town for a few days, Favorite Daughter and I have been taking liberties with our diet. It’s been healthy (unless you count the half-loaf of garlic bread I inhaled last night) but really low in protein. Except for frozen yogurt, I’ve had no protein for the past 36 hours.

Sorry about that brain. If I expect you to do your best for me, I have to do my best for you.

Self-Care Matters! As an ADHD coach, I really do need to walk my talk!



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