Discovering Your ADHD Rhythm

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ADHD rhythmHave you ever felt out of sync? Where it takes an incredible amount of effort just to accomplish a few basic things on your to-do list? Like your adult ADHD is hijacking your life?

You might be fighting your natural ADHD rhythm and tripping over your own feet.

Finding your ADHD rhythm is one of the essential life skills you’ll need to live successfully with adult ADHD.

The beautiful thing is, when you find your rhythm, you’ll discover it’s easier to dance with your ADHD.

Learning About Your ADHD Rhythm

Ah…the fun part of learning about your ADHD scaffolding. This is the self-understanding piece. Your personal traits and characteristics. The things you need to stop fighting and start building your world around.

How do I explain this…

In the umpteen years I’ve been an ADHD coach, I’ve come to realize that there are some parts of your ADHD that you just can’t change

I think of it as the person’s personal ADHD rhythm. The beat you have to learn to dance to if you want to make living with ADHD easier.

How can you do that?

Think of things like strengths and weaknesses. You have to work to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses – that means you need a keen understanding of what you’re good at and what you’re not.

Another is the lies you tell yourself that you actually believe. Lies like, “I’ll do that tomorrow”. “I’ll only check my email for five minutes”.

How about how long it takes you to get back up to speed after a vacation? I know it will be a good four days before I can expect to fully focus on work again.

What noises distract you? What helps you focus?

How much sleep do you really need to be operating at full power?

These are just a small example of the types of things every ADHD adult needs to know about their personal ADHD rhythm.

Understanding your ADHD rhythm gives you the power – the ability – to set up your life and your business so you can be successful. 

Accepting and respecting your ADHD rhythm means doing more of what works and not doing what doesn’t, and it will allow you to live more successfully with adult ADHD.

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