How Strong is the Scaffolding Supporting Your ADHD Life?

by | May 3, 2018 | ADHD Productivity | 2 comments

ADHD LifeIs your ADHD life firm and stable? Can you focus and follow-through? Get things done? Live to your full potential?

Or, is the scaffolding of your ADHD life weak?

A tad wobbly. Cracks in the foundation. At risk of collapsing into a pile of rubble?

A weak scaffolding of support makes living with ADHD harder than necessary.

Your daily routine will be chaotic. You’ll be late, tired, and overwhelmed.

You’ll waste time. Maybe talk a big game. Make lots of promises. But corralling the details to bring those ideas to life?

Without a strong scaffolding you’ll struggle.

Scaffolding Equals Structure ADHD Lives Need

When I say scaffolding, I mean structure. And, ADHD lives need lots of structure. Think of structure as the glue holding everything together.

Examining MY life shows why an ADHD life needs structure…

•  Without the support of my able assistant, my ADHD Success Club  wouldn’t happen. (We’re changing lives there! The Success Club is an amazing group coaching program!).

• Without my weekly routines, writing this blog every week would be just a good idea.

• Without the structure of my brain care, I’d have frittered away my day.

• Without the structure of my task lists and plans, I’d flounder.

• Without the structure of my organizing systems, I’d be wallowing in clutter.

I know this because for years that’s how I lived. Before I had a strong scaffolding of support.

A huge part of what ADHD coaches do is help clients build and maintain structure.

We don’t necessarily call it structure, but that’s what we help our clients build.

How to Start Building a Strong Structure

I want you to start viewing your life through the lens of ADHD structure. That’s why over the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring the different scaffoldings of a solid ADHD life.

We actually started our discussion last week when I wrote about why ADHD lives need fun. Yes, Fun is one of those important structures.

If you missed that issue of ADHD Success you can read it here.

Otherwise keep an eye for more specifics next week. Don’t skip out on creating a solid structure so you can succeed in your ADHD life.



  1. Charlet

    Dana where are you ? Can I get this coaching for my daughter?

    • Dana Rayburn

      Hi Charlet. I am in Oregon, though that doesn’t matter since I coach ADHD adults from all over by phone. I do not work with children, however. Adults only. Good luck, Dana


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