Mastering ADHD Skills – Key #5 to Create Structure for ADHD Adults

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Organize Your Thoughts Letter Sphere Make Sense from Mess“I just have to get organized.” “I need to learn how to manage my time.” “I have to stop being late.” “I have to finish this project.” Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself struggling with ADHD skills like organization and time management?

These are the challenges of living with ADHD that usually draw people to work with an ADHD coach.

Because when your ADHD skills aren’t up to snuff you’ll be plagued by thoughts like these. Missing these pieces of scaffolding throws an ADHD life into chaos.

When you work on the fifth piece of scaffolding, you’ll be working on the essential skills you need to make living with ADHD a whole lot easier.

Let’s dig in!

The Essential ADHD Skills

These are the essential ADHD life skills you need to know if you want to move calmly and peacefully through your days. Think of them as the ‘how to’s’ of living with Adult ADHD.

  • How to plan a project
  • How to be on time
  • How to organize your desk
  • How to control your task list
  • How to plan your day
  • How to pay attention
  • How to focus on the important things
  • How to get off the sofa and get some chores done
  • How to finish your work on time so you can get home before your kids go to bed

The list goes on and on.

These are the things the non-ADHD people in our world just seem to know how to do. Time management and organization seem to come naturally to them.

Before I became skilled at managing my ADHD, I often felt like I missed a whole bunch of life lessons. Where was I when other people were learning how to do this stuff? (I was probably daydreaming and not doing my homework.)

ADHD Life skills are where the rubber meets the road with Adult ADHD. It’s where you keep things together or see it fall apart. It’s the difference between being able to lay your hands on a client file in seconds and not being able to find it in time for a meeting.

It’s the difference between having those homemade cupcakes ready for your child’s class party and making a mad, early morning dash to the bakery, making your child late, as you pick up some cupcakes because you didn’t have the ingredients at home last night.

It’s the difference between struggling through your days and gliding along.

What skills do you need to know? It’s a little different for everyone but it starts with basic ADHD organization and time management.

Make a list of the skills you need to know. Check off the ones you feel you have a good handle on. Now it’s time to learn the rest.

You can learn life skills in different ways: through online articles or classes, from a book or an ADHD coach. It doesn’t matter how you learn them, only that you do.

These ADHD skills are key in living more easily with ADHD. Essential for creating a calm, more effortless life.


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