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I can’t seem to manage my ADHD today. I just can’t get energized to get my work done.

It’s Monday, and on Mondays I purposely don’t book ADHD coaching clients so I have time to write blog posts and do my other work projects. My plan for today was to write an ADD Success blog as well as the next ADD Success ezine article.

For some reason today none of that is happening. I’m feeling very unmotivated.

Instead of doing the work I intended to do, I find myself staring out the window wishing I were in my garden enjoying a lovely late summer day. Three bags of compost are out there just waiting to be dug in so I can plant a new herb garden before winter sets in.

You’ll be happy to know I do have some self-control. Instead of giving up on work and going outside I decided to see if I could manage my ADHD instead.

Here’s what I’ve done to start focusing and outsmart my ADHD into some productivity

It seems to be working. Over the past few minutes I’ve been able to start writing. Perhaps I’ll have an ADD Success blog posted today after all.

First, I fired up my trusty Immrama Focus CD. I’m listening to the Creativity track. I truly don’t understand how these things work, but they are really an ADHD Adult’s best friend. Is the CD white noise? Is it really aligning my brainwaves so I focus? Who knows. It get’s me focused and on task and today I need whatever help I can get to mange my ADHD.

(If you want your own copy of the Focus CD click here)

Second, I stopped forcing myself to write about a topic (ADHD and fish oil) that really wasn’t lighting my brain on fire and decided instead to write about what I’m experiencing. I realize since I’m self-employed I have the luxury to direct my tasks more than you might. However, on those days your brain just won’t function perhaps you can find some way to sneak into getting on task through the back door?

Oh my! As I write, I’ve had an epiphany. I realize I’ve been having trouble getting my writing done for the past couple of months. I’ve just assumed it was because it was summer and my daughter was out of school. Most years I do find it challenging to do work other than ADHD coaching calls while Aja is on vacation. She’s much more fun than writing. After all, my ADHD brain seeks the shiniest, most interesting thing just like yours.

This year has been different, however. School has been back in for two weeks and I’m still floundering. I realize my situation is deeper than ADHD distractions of summer vacation, nice weather and bags of compost. I’ve just figured out the real problem.

I’m not planning my tasks and projects. No wonder I can’t manage my ADHD.

In July I upgraded my MacBook’s operating system only to find that Apple had made major changes to the calendar / task list system I’ve used for years. My to do list system changed but I didn’t change with it. Now I can no long easily see my task list on the same page as my appointments. I moved my general recurring tasks to the new system but not my daily work to dos. Hence, I started my day with a very hazy idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I need to get better acquainted with Apple’s new reminder system.

Thank you for humoring me and allowing me to think this all out as I write. I hope it’s helpful for you to have a peek behind the curtain at how an ADHD coach manages her own ADD.


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