Why Self-Care Is Important to Managing ADD Symptoms

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Managing ADD SymptomsLately I’ve posted many ADD Success blogs about how to manage your ADD / ADHD symptoms with self-care: exercise, sleep, diet and supplements.

Why the intense focus on self-treatment for ADD / ADHD?

Reason One – Secrets of An ADD Coach.

In July I’m giving a free teleseminar on ADHD and Self-Care. All this blogging is my way of effortlessly preparing for my talk. By doing my research in small bites ahead of time I’ll avoid my ADD tendency to procrastinate until the last minute and panic. Darn smart, eh?

Reason Two – Care About Outsmarting Your ADD / ADHD? Then Self-Care Matters.

You must pay attention to exercise, sleep, diet and supplements. Why? It all comes down to optimal brain functioning. How well you can control impulsivity, pay attention, manage time, get organized and follow-through.

The ADD Success Analogy

If living with ADD / ADHD is a house, brain functioning is the foundation. The walls and roof are the habits, systems, tools and skills that allow you to live easily with ADD / ADHD.

If your foundation of brain functioning is weak, your house will be flimsy. You will be ruled by your Attention Deficit. You need a strong foundation of solid brain functioning to hold up the walls and roof so you can get your ADHD out of the way and live the life you want to live.

How do you get optimal brain functioning? There are two ways: ADHD medication and self-care.

Not everyone wants to or can take the ADD medications. Yet even for people who do take Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse or another ADHD medication, self-care is important. Naturally reducing ADD / ADHD symptoms may make a lower dose of medication possible.

That’s why ADD / ADHD coaches are always rattling on about how important good self-care is to managing ADD Symptoms. Get enough sleep, make exercise a part of your life, take your supplements and eat an ADD friendly diet. Strengthen your foundation so your house of ADD Success stands strong.


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