Are You Doing All You Can to Treat Your ADHD?

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treat ADHDCould you do more to treat your ADHD?

Think about it. Basically every area of your life is affected by your ADHD. Home. Work. Relationships. Play.

Everything you do, you do through the lens of ADHD. That’s why ADHD is much more than a diagnosis, it’s a way of life! Yet I find most people don’t do enough to fully treat their ADHD.

After getting a diagnosis they may take medication and possibly read a few books.

Then they go on their way thinking that’s all there is to outsmarting this monster controlling their brain. Yet, the frustration of living with ADHD continues.

Actually, outsmarting your ADHD takes much more than medication.

To take back your life from your ADHD, you must venture down a path of self-discovery and action. You must go on a mission to understand your past and reinvent your future.

How To Effectively Treat Your ADHD

  • Build awareness of your ADHD symptoms and how they impact your life.
  • Adjust your world to focus on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  • Modify your lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise, social support, hobbies) to better support your brain.
  • Build new life structures, habits, and systems to keep you organized and support your ADHD brain.
  • Create a life that inspires you and naturally pulls you toward your goals and full-potential.

One of my biggest frustrations with ADHD is when cracks develop in my carefully constructed systems and structure. Cracks that cause pure havoc in my life and the lives of those I love.

The time I missed a flight home from a conference is a prime example.

A lovely ‘ADHD moment’ at the Salt Lake City airport caused me to miss my connecting flight back home to Oregon. Confused by time changes and engrossed watching airplanes land, I thought my layover was two hours instead of one.

By the time I realized my error, my plane home was pulling out of the gate. Hence, I spent 10 hours in the Salt Lake City airport awaiting the next flight home. Even worse, my goof messed up my husband’s plans and disappointed my anxiously awaiting daughter.

After I finished beating myself up for my goof, I did a quick analysis and figured out the cause of my mistake. This awareness helped me build new structures to keep me from missing flight connections in the future.

Now I never again stray far from my next flight’s gate. As a backup, I set an alarm on my cell phone for the boarding time.

Because I’ve worked hard to treat my ADHD, these kind of goofs don’t happen very often anymore, but they still occasionally occur. And I still get embarrassed and feel like a dope.

This is why ADHD coaching is of vital importance to treating ADHD. Because all of the things above are things you will work on with an ADHD coach.

I’ll ask again. Are you doing all you can to effectively treat your ADHD?




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