On My Way: Tackling ADHD Transitions

Last week in the morning ADHD Success Club we talked about ADHD transitions. This is an important concept for anyone trying to live an easier ADHD life. Transitions are often those times we move [...]

How Organized Do You Need to Be?

When you decide it’s time to learn how to get organized, you have an important question to answer. How organized do you need to be with ADHD? I can’t emphasize enough how important [...]

Maya Masters ADHD Work Area Organizing

The ADHD Success Club is my year long group ADHD coaching program designed to improve the way ADHD adults are organized, productive and live with attention deficit. Maya, a school teacher, is our [...]

Some Bad ADHD Organizing Advice

Sometimes I come across bad ADHD organizing advice. Here’s a recent Tweet from someone claiming to be an ADHD guru: “It’s summer. Get organized with ADHD. Have a garage sale!” Excuse me? That is [...]

Maya Creates an Evening Routine

Before I write about evening routines I owe you an update. Last week I wrote about ADHD Success Club Module #21, planning Effortless Events. The event, my beach trip, was effortless because my [...]