Getting Things Done with ADHD

Adult ADHD means sometimes you can’t play by the rules. We aren’t people who fit into convenient categories…especially when it comes to getting things done with ADHD. Here’s what I mean. [...]

More Effortless ADHD Events for Maya

Module #21 of the ADHD Success Club program I teach how to pull off more effortless ADHD events. In other words, prepare for life events that add lots of extra tasks into our already overly-full [...]

Maya’s Take on Desk Organization

I taught the AM ADHD Success Club my desk organization system in Module 18. Maya, our guest blogger, did a great write up explaining the various pieces. Here’s to an productive work area! [...]

Simplify ADHD. Be a Good KISSer

Pretty good headline, eh? I thought about it first and then I figured I better write about ways to simplify ADHD to match. You’ve heard the acronym: KISS, right? It stands for Keep It Simple [...]