Still Waiting to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Often people with ADHD give up on their dreams. I know I did for years. With ADHD snarling the details of life, reaching your dreams can seem impossible. After all, how can you expect [...]

Affordable ADHD Coaching

Did you know that reducing the cost of top-notch ADHD coaching has long been a goal of mine? It’s true! That’s why I’m excited to tell you about what’s up in the third season of the ADHD [...]

The ABC’s of ADHD Success

You probably already know what ADHD Success is. I talk about it so much though, that I thought I’d tell you what it means to me. In my view, ADHD Success is the goal. The holy grail of living [...]

Can Dehydration Increase ADHD Symptoms?

While I was waiting for a Berry Blast Smoothie at my favorite juice bar, I made a startling connection: dehydration may increase ADHD symptoms.   I noticed a small poster on the wall listing the [...]

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