How To Quickly Clear Paper Clutter

What do organized people know that you don’t? How to quickly clear paper clutter. In fact, one of the first things you’ll notice when you enter an organized person’s home or [...]

Living with ADHD

Successfully living with ADHD was beyond my comprehension before I became a part of The ADHD Success Club. In fact,  this time last year, I was frustrated because even though I was aware of my [...]

Does Your Hidden Clutter Matter?

Some people call it clutter only when the mess is visible. Out in the open for the world to see. They assume hidden clutter doesn’t matter. I disagree. Yes, visible clutter is embarrassing and [...]

Your ADHD and Other People

Your ADHD and other people was last week’s ADHD Success Club topic for the morning group. Specifically, becoming aware of your ADHD and the other people in your life. How you communicate about [...]

The Real Reason You Can’t Reach a Goal

If you’re thinking of setting some goals for 2018, please tread gently. Goal setting with ADHD can be tricky. You know this if you’ve tried but can’t reach a goal. Don’t avoid setting goals. [...]

ADHD Symptoms Potpourri

Enjoy Maya’s creative take on the ADHD Symptoms Potpourri module I taught in the morning ADHD Success Club. -dr Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. This season I offer you my ADHD gift basket [...]

6 Steps to Handle ADHD Holiday Stress

Is it any surprise ADHD increases holiday stress? The holidays seem to stress out just about everybody. That’s why today I want to talk about how to control ADHD holiday stress.    First, let’s [...]

Maya, Money, and ADHD

Money and ADHD is a big, ugly topic. Managing money requires systems, follow-through, and attention to detail. Last I checked, those weren’t high on the list of things people with ADHD are [...]

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