Effortless ADHD Travel

Living more effortless ADHD travel is a long-time goal for me. My family would tell you that the ‘old Dana’ rushed hysterically at the last minute before a trip. The ‘new Dana’ is much nicer to [...]

14 Sure Signs ADHD is Out of Control

Is your ADHD out of control? Do you ever think there has to be an easier, less-stressful way of living? You’re right – there is! And it starts with identifying what’s going on. Seeing [...]

I’m Addicted To My Phone

Its Sunday morning. The time I write the first draft of ADHD Success. I’m arranging my thoughts about how I want to stop being addicted to my phone. Google docs is open. I’m writing and focused, [...]

Making Meditation ADHD Friendly

I love the insights Maya shares in this blog about making meditation ADHD friendly. She’s spot on. Meditating may be important for quieting and strengthening the ADHD brain, but, man is it hard [...]

Is Cell Phone Addiction Real?

I have a confession to make. I am struggling to break my cell phone addiction. Just like Maya talked about in that ADHD Success Club blog post I shared with you last week. Just like many of my [...]

Maya is Struggling with ADHD

As you’ll read below, Maya is struggling with ADHD this week. As she says, there’s an ebb and flow to succeeding with ADHD. Maya is in an ebb right now. As an ADHD coach, I wish I could totally [...]

ADHD Awareness…Really?!?

It’s ADHD Awareness Month. Don’t you find it silly to name something ADHD Awareness? I sure do. Adults with attention deficit are anything but aware. We flit through life blindly. [...]